A Decade of passion for education – Training Future Leaders

A decade of the Master in Vaccinology and Drug Development

Dear Sponsors, Faculty Members and Partners,

With great pleasure, the master program has celebrated this year, the opening of the 6th edition and 10 years of the program.

Exactly this year the program could also offer 25 student positions and counts with double number of sponsors.

This is still the only high education program degree in this field, with internationally recognized academic and scientific quality of the content and its faculty.

The graduates are leaving their handprints in the world, helping us to improve Global Health.

The IFGH has the greatest appreciation and deepest gratitude to all of you that has, with your talent, passion, dedication, expertise, guidance, advise and grants helped to keep this program alive and expanding at each edition.

Sue Ann and Master team

Mangia 2019 award to Prof. Montomoli

To Prof. Emanuele Montomoli the Mangia 2019 Award

The handover ceremony was on 15 August

The Consistory of the Monte del Mangia has decided to award the Mangia 2019 award, the highest civic recognition of the city of Siena, to Professor Emanuele Montomoli, Ordinary of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine of the Department of Molecular and Developmental Medicine of the University of Siena. The handover ceremony was on August 15th at the Theatre of the Renewed in Siena.

Responsible for numerous national and international scientific programs, of particular importance the scientific coordination of 23 European partners on the FLUCOP project funded by the European Community Professor Montomoli is the author of more than 100 scientific works that carry his signature in international journals, as well as being founder of the VisMederi Company, engaged in the field of life sciences and biotechnology working globally in collaboration with the most important vaccine companies.

Professor Montomoli has won numerous national and international awards and awards in the scientific and entrepreneurial fields, contributing significantly to the spread of the Siena scientific school and to increase the prestige of the city of Siena.

SIENA – Un finanziamento di 1 milione e 600 mila euro dalla Fondazione Gates per il master in Vaccinologia dell’Università di Siena

Il contributo è destinato a supportare giovani medici provenienti dai Paesi in via di sviluppo

Un finanziamento di 1 milione e 600 mila euro dalla Fondazione Bill and Melinda Gates per il master in Vaccinologia dell’Università di Siena. Si tratta del contributo previsto per due anni, per le prossime due edizioni del master, per supportare medici e ricercatori provenienti dai Paesi in via di sviluppo che potranno così frequentare le lezioni a Siena per tre mesi, e completare poi la propria formazione on line e attraverso i tirocini in enti e aziende internazionali.

I giovani medici potranno così specializzarsi in percorso di altissimo livello, con docenti internazionali, per diffondere la ricerca e la prevenzione in quei Paesi del mondo dove c’è ancora grande bisogno di programmi sostenibili di immunizzazione e accesso tempestivo a vaccini sicuri ed efficaci.

“Il master in Vaccinologia, che partirà nel prossimo mese di ottobre con la sua sesta edizione, ha già formato oltre 100 professionisti, provenienti per la gran parte dai Paesi in via di sviluppo, che già lavorano nel campo dei vaccini in più di 30 Paesi diversi, e che in alcuni casi sono ai vertici delle istituzioni sanitarie internazionali e delle principali aziende farmaceutiche multinazionali” spiega il professor Emanuele Montomoli, coordinatore del master insieme alla professoressa Sue Ann Costa Clemens, visiting professor all’Università di Siena.

Il master è una delle opportunità di formazione all’interno dell’Institute for Global Health, istituto promosso dall’Università di Siena impegnato nella formazione sui temi della salute pubblica a livello globale, che raccoglie l’eredità degli scienziati senesi nei campi dello studio delle malattie infettive e della produzione dei vaccini. Il sito web dell’istituto: https://ifgh.org/. Il sito web del master in Vaccinologia è all’indirizzo http://buildingimmunizationcapacity.com/.

This is an Official Press Release of University of Siena:

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation sponsors the new Master in Vaccinology of the University of Siena

A grant of 1.6M euros from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the master’s degree in Vaccinology of the University of Siena. This is the contribution planned for two years, for the next two editions of the master, to support doctors and researchers from developing countries who will be able to attend classes in Siena for three months, and then complete their online training and through internships in international Institutions and Companies.

Young doctors will be able to specialize in high-level training, with international teachers, to spread research and prevention in those countries of the world where there is still a great need for sustainable immunization programs and timely access to safe and effective vaccines.

“The master’s degree in Vaccinology, which will start next October with its sixth edition, has already trained over 100 professionals, mostly from developing countries, who are already working in the vaccine field in more than 30 countries different, and that in some cases are at the top of international health institutions and major multinational pharmaceutical companies ”

Says Professor Emanuele Montomoli, coordinator of the master together with Professor Sue Ann Costa Clemens, visiting professor at the University of Siena.

The master is one of the training opportunities within the Institute For Global Health, an institute promoted by the University of Siena engaged in training on public health issues at global level, which collects the legacy of Sienese scientists in the fields of study of infectious diseases and vaccine production. The institute’s website: https://ifgh.org/. The master’s website in Vaccinology is at http://buildingimmunizationcapacity.com/.

The University of Siena hosts training for National Influenza Centres

A training workshop on Laboratory Quality Management and Biosafety was held at the University of Siena (Italy) from 23-27 July 2018 to support the achievement of the PIP Framework goal of improving pandemic preparedness and response, by strengthening global laboratory surveillance capacity.

Further information at:



Launch of the Institute for Global Health at the University of Siena

The Institute for Global Health is born at the University of Siena
A major international project dedicated to public health

This strategic initiative aims to combine leading expertise with cutting-edge innovation capabilities for superior training in the development of vaccines and drugs against infectious diseases

(Siena) The inauguration of the Institute for Global Health (IFGH), an international project of the University of Siena, was held this morning at the Santa Chiara Lab. The initiative is dedicated to the issues of public health and the development of vaccines and drugs for the control and prevention of infectious diseases. The Institute’s goal is to be a center of excellence dedicated to high education, through capacity building and technology transfer processes, involving the best global researchers, faculty, and pharmaceutical managers.
The IFGH has already started this process by developing partnerships with international research institutions, universities, nonprofit organizations and industries. Among them, in particular, stands the collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, whose chairman Trevor Mundel – a faculty member – participated in the public presentation of the project.
As the University Rector, Prof. Francesco Frati, pointed out: “the Institute for Global Health is the natural evolution of the solid tradition that public health research has achieved at the University of Siena. Its purpose is to concentrate the best initiatives and high-level training programs, defining a unique strategy that will bring international synergies and attract targeted investments. Thanks to our scientific and educational capabilities, we are able to offer students all over the world training opportunities to stimulate innovative research and develop competencies in the fields of vaccinology and public health. ”
As part of the new initiative, the Master Program in Public Health, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Clinical Development was created in collaboration with the Incheon National University of South Korea and its Rector, Professor Dong-Sung Cho. The Master Program is the result of a two-year agreement signed in South Korea by the two universities. Classes will start in the coming months and will take place at the two universities.
The Institute for Global Health, based in the Santa Chiara Lab, will be chaired by Professor Emanuele Montomoli and directed by Professor Sue Ann Costa Clemens. Upcoming PhD programs will be coordinated by Professor Pietro Lupetti, Rector’s Deputy.
In addition to Masters and Doctoral programs, IFGH’s activities will include specialized training and continued education programs for vaccinology and pharmaceutical professionals. These programs will also be carried out abroad, with a particular focus on the deepening issues of public health within developing countries.

University of Siena press release http://www.comunicatistampa.unisi.it/dett_comunicato.php?idcs=6917


Agreement between UniSi and INU

  • Siena – The University of Siena establishes relationship enhancement in Asia

The President Frati signs an agreement in South Korea for a Master in Healthcare

After the agreements in China, the University of Siena follows its path of internalization to Asia. The Rector Francesco Frati signed in South Korea an agreement with the Incheon National University, aiming to have a Master Executive in “Public Health, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Clinical Development”, which allows a further extension in Asia of the already set Master in Vaccinology.
The Master’s official communication will come out in the coming weeks, and it will be performed in Siena, at the Santa Chiara Lab, in one of the strategical projects of its structure: the Institute for Global Health. Parts of the training activities will be performed at the Incheon National University.
The course will be open to bachelor degree candidates in biology, life sciences, medicine, medical related areas, degrees in public health, biotechnology and development, coming from South Korea and all countries in the World.
The studies of Incheon University are relevant in the fields of public health and biomedicine for the specific training that will be offered in the master. Moreover, many biotech and pharma industries of South Korea and other international will support the initiative.
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