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Dr. Yauba Saidu receives his PhD with Cum Laude

Dr. Yauba Saidu successfully completed his doctoral studies at the University of Siena, receiving his PhD on September 26. His research focused on “Exploring Barriers to Immunization Coverage within a Sub-Saharan African Setting”. Dr. Saidu’s work is an important contribution to understanding the challenges faced in achieving full immunization coverage in this region.

Under the guidance of his tutor, Prof. Emanuele Montomoli, Dr. Saidu conducted an in-depth analysis of the factors that hinder childhood immunization in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Thesis explored various barriers to optimal immunization coverage and Equity in Sub-Saharan Africa, a region where vaccination progress toward global coverage targets have not only stagnated, but has also experienced a downward trend in recent years. Some of the identified barriers include challenges linked to identifying and reaching children who have not received a single dose of any vaccine, how outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases and conflicts disrupt immunization systems, and challenges governments faced in mobilizing and disbursing funds for vaccine procurements amongst others. He also proposed cost effective approaches that countries in Sub-Saharan African can leverage to boast immunization coverage in their countries.

Amid the course of his PhD journey, he has co-authored 25 peer-reviewed articles and two book chapters.

During his research journey, Dr. Saidu had the privilege of being mentored and supervised by Prof. Sue Ann Costa Clemens, an esteemed expert in the field of vaccinology and immunization. Her valuable input and guidance further enriched the study and ensured its scientific rigor.

The IFGH congratulates Dr. Yauba Saidu on this significant achievement and wishes him continued success in his future endeavors.