Master in Vaccinology and Drug Development

The internationally recognized Master in Vaccinology and Pharmaceutical Clinical Development has evolved to now include the Drugs study development.

This program demands excellence in every aspect, from the worldwide expertise of the teaching staff to the student’s level of commitment and dedication.

The success of this program is a collaborative effort and a unique partnership between industry and academia to help developing countries to overcome some of the gaps in vaccinology and pharmacology, via a very solid tool: Education. This program helps the countries to build their own resources, to disseminate knowledge, to develop new professionals and especially helps the developing countries to be independent on key aspects such as pharmacovigilance, regulatory and epidemiology.


People in developing countries need life-saving vaccines and medicines – and they need them now.

But making this happen is not simple. It requires trained professionals to rollout effective national immunization plans, to generate local clinical data on vaccine and drugs safety and efficacy, and to share their public health expertise with others.

Through our Master Program in Vaccinology and Drug Development, young doctors in medical and biological sciences develop the valuable scientific and practical knowhow they need to join the new generation of public health leaders in developing countries.


With this program the degreed students will carry on the capacity building in vaccinology and drugs development, having the knowledge to ascend with their careers in the academia, public health and research and development in public and private institutes.

Program overview

Modules at University class and Online

  • Module 1: Public Health, Vaccine Development Process and Policy Making;
  • Module 2: Epidemiology;
  • Module 3: Clinical Methodology, Statistics and Health Economics;
  • Module 4: Vaccines Preventable Diseases;
  • Module 5: Pharmacovigilance;
  • Module 6: Clinical Operations (GCP);
  • Module 7: Pharmaceutical Clinical Development;
  • Module 8: Vaccine Immunology and Pre-Clinical Research;
  • Module 9: Regulatory Affairs;
  • Module 10: Manufacturing and Quality Assurance;


Students will spend  a total of 5-months:

  • 1-month preparation and training
  • 5 months of practice on work at different departments of the sponsors and collaborative institutions, followed by investigational site training.


  • Each student selects a subject for a written thesis;
  • The work will  be presented to  a panel of experts during the public thesis defense at the end of the 12-months program


In order to graduate and receive the official University master’s degree, the students shall pass the following steps:

  • students must reach the minimum grade by the italian educational system on the written exams and  internship activities;
  • students must pass the public thesis defense  approved by the thesis committee in order to graduate.

Entry Requirements

University degree in one of the courses: Human Medicine, Pharmaceutical biotechnology,  Pharmaceutical chemistry and technology,  Medical, Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies,  Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry

Preferably with 1-year clinical post-graduation experience.

Excellent command of English, written and spoken. The entire course is in English.

The technical-Scientific Committee may evaluate for admission applications from candidates with other degrees, provided they have proof of specific activities or degrees in the field of the Master course.

Application & Information

Thank you for your interest the applications are closed

Application must be completed up to June 10  at

The interviews will be on June 13 and 14

Official communication (bando) is at

The Applications are free. Candidates that pass interviews and are officially accepted by the selection  committee will have a registration fee of 1.500 euros plus 16Euros of State tax (bollo)

Applications open up to June 10 at 11:59PM italian time. The course will start in October 2019.