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PhD in Vaccinology, Development and Policy

Over the past 20 years, education of scientists and public health professionals in Vaccinology at large, has increased dramatically. Nevertheless, the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic reassured the existent global need of well-trained vaccinologists, hence the urgent need to overcome this gap in vaccinology capacity building.

The University of Siena, via the Institute for Global Health, has pioneered the Master in Vaccinology and Drug Development, which has proven the investment on the right scientific and academic path during the current world health chaos. The PhD in Vaccinology, Development and Policy is a natural scientific academic evolution of the current Master program.


Through our Doctoral Program in Vaccinology, Development and Policy, doctors in medical and biological sciences will develop scientific and academic skills to have impact in global health as support to science and government to prevent epidemics to become pandemics.


With this program the students will carry on a high-quality capacity building in vaccinology, development and policy making, having the knowledge and technical skills to ascend with their careers in the academia, public health and research and development in public and private institutes, ensuring sustainability of life saving vaccination programs at the global level.