Bio Pietro Lupetti

Born in Pisa (Italy) on July 7th 1962, Dr. Lupetti graduated at the University of Siena in 1988. He obtained his PhD in Evolutionary Biology in 1994 and was assigned in 2001 a permanent researcher position at the Department of Evolutionary Biology at Siena University. In March 2005 he started serving in the Faculty of Sciences at Siena University as associate professor of Zoology (SSD Bio/05). Since November 2017 he is full professor of Comarative anatomy and Cytology. He trained in avanced electron microscopy techniques for the study of invertebrate ultrastructure and cell motility. He further specialized in advanced cryotechniques such as ultra rapid freezing, freeze-fracture quick-freeze deep-etching and cryoelectron microscopy spending training and research periods in most qualified research laboratories in Europe and USA. He has been invited to give seminars in several important international institutions, to lecture in training courses on electron microscopy and to international meetings. His research activity is devoted to structural studies on biological macromolecules and the functional and comparative ultrastucture of flagellar components in eukariotic cells. He has collaborations with scientists in USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Swiss, France and Japan. He is Author and co-Author of over 90 papers published on qualified peer review international journals in Cell Biology and Zoology. He teaches Parasitology and Advanced Techniques for electron microscopy at the University of Siena, Vice chair of Life Sciences Department, Rector’s delegate to PhD Courses at Siena University, Prof. Lupetti is member of the American Society for Cell Biology, the European Microscopy Society, the Italian Society for Microscopy Sciences, the Italian Society for Pure and Applied Biophysics and of Accademia dei Fisocritici. Since 2012 he is editor in Chief of the international peer review journal Tissue&Cell.